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Finally, a new beginning! May 3, 2010

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After months of not being able to work on my plot due to school and life, I was finally able to get the weeds cleared off.  I was also able to build a frame for the raised-bed vegetable patch.  That was two weekends ago.  I am following a method that has been called “lasagna” or “no-till” gardening.  The dimensions of the frame built are 8 in x 15 ft x 15 ft.   I’m using this size frame instead of making narrow and long beds because one square frame uses less wood than three rectangular ones.

This past weekend I was able to get most of the material for the layers of my garden bed.  This picture shows the  first 2 layers: newspaper and alfalfa hay.  Laying down the newspaper layer was a bit slow going because it was a windy day.  The hay was fun.  I’ve never pulled apart a bale of hay or straw before.  The bales are made up of bricks/wafers of hay.